Originally Fusion Dance Internships, NAIDU Performing Arts Company & Services was created by Performing Artist Jade Naidu with the aim to create a unique, educated & diverse company that also offers services and supports those in the performing arts.


'Naidu' is an incredible performing arts platform in that we believe our opportunities - and those we can offer to others are       'unlimited......'



"Ms Jade Naidu was the ray of sunshine for our daughter. She restored her love of dance and fostered her dreams. We will be forever thankful for her kindness, technical and artistic skills.


The Boschen Family

Jenna Boschen


Jade revolutionised the way I dance. Under her tutelage, I grew immensely as a dancer not only in terms of technique, but also my overall performance improved. Her choreographies push you to go beyond the limits you set for yourself and the teaching methodologies she adopts are holistic in nature and get you to really tap into the emotion or mindset required to perform a piece. "Till it happens to you" is a piece of hers that will stick with me always. 
Learning from Jade was an utter privilege and something I hope to be able to do again some day.

Thanks and Regards,
Sanjana Mathur


" Working next to you was an honour. You believed in me when I didn’t believe in me and even five years later that still means more to me than you could ever know. Your passion, your creativity and your love for your students is something that can’t be taught, you’re born with it and I could only dream of loving something so much. I haven’t danced in five years but when I see your videos and performance pictures it reminds me that although I was never overly talented, I did have a passion. 

Your passion is incomparable, thank you for always giving 100% no matter what, thank you for always believing in your students, and thank you for being the kindest most caring teacher I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. "


Aimee x


I was privileged enough to study at NIDA with Jade in 2018. Throughout my study I was in constant awe of Jades professionalism and dedication to the development of her craft, and also the continuous love and support she showed her peers. Not only is Jade an extremely gifted performer, she is a beautiful person who will always stop to ask how your days was.



"Everytime a student thanks me or everytime I am called a kind and good teacher I can't stop thinking about you and what you've done for me. I know i've said it before, and maybe I will never stop.. But you really changed my life, my confidence has grown and boosted in myself and my dancing every time I am onstage. It's all thanks to you - You picked me and have literally gotten me to where I am right now.


- Fatema


Jade, it is an absolute delight to be appearing in Les Mis with you. You are a beautiful and talented actor with an amazing voice. Most of all, you are a wonderfully warm and caring person and this is clearly evident in all your interactions with me and all the cast and crew. I consider myself blessed to know you and to call you a friend.


Love and best wishes, Tony x


"I have had the distinct privilege and pleasure of working with Jade Naidu in musical theatre, both as her director in Les Miserables and as a fellow actor in Wicked. Jade is always the consummate professional in terms of preparation and delivery. Her exceptional ability to discover and emotionally develop her characters is as admirable as her outstanding vocal range and understanding of performance. Jade is a positive and encouraging influence in any cast, and a reliable, constructive and generous partner for any director. I cannot speak more highly of Jade Naidu, both as a professional and a person. Every encounter will leave you enthisiastic for the next opportunity to work with her again."

- Paul Mcleod (Director - Les Miserables)

Photography by Simon Whittaker


Jade Naidu is an exceptionally talented and energetic performer, choreographer, teacher and creator. Having had the absolute pleasure of watching this lady develop her astonishing skill set over a decade I can say, without hesitation, that Jade is a creative tour de force. As a multi-faceted performer, she continuously challenges herself to reach new levels of her craft. As a choreographer, Jade's works are original, memorable, often emotional and definitively "hers", and an absolute joy for dancers to perform. As a business woman, Jade has brought her artistic flair to fruition with her successful Fusion Fabrics, which has, in turn, through the internship program, brought together young dance artists from Australia and India in experiences they could only dream of. As a teacher and mentor, Jade has inspired a generation of young performers to believe that they too have the ability to chase their dreams, and it is for this reason in particular that I will be forever indebted to and grateful for Jade's influence upon our lives.

- Tania Graham